think, combine, repeat


Circan screenshot


• keep the table as empty as possible

• think strategically and with one swipe look for combining multiple pieces

• use the "SWIPE UP" feature (Main Screen > swipe your finger over "SWIPE UP") which displays a table with corresponding pieces on each level

• turn on the level hints to see which piece belongs to which level (MENU > LEVEL HINT ON/OFF)

• to generate a piece of your choice (however placed randomly on the table) please purchase the NEXT consumable pack (MENU > BUY 15x NEXT SHAPE). this will award you 15 credits to use whenever you want. using them is simple, from the main game screen, press on the "NEXT" button. it will expand to a button with 3 states which you need to press repeatedly until you get the wanted choice. if you are in the CIRCLE state and you make one move, a credit is spent and a circle gets created on the table. automatically the button turns into "ANY" which does not spend anything

• in case you just made an important mistake, one option is to go purchase the UNDO feature (MENU > BUY UNDO LAST MOVE) which once awarded will allow you to make ONE step back. this works for the current game as well! the feature can be used from the main game screen, just click on the UNDO button. the feature will display a grayed-out arrow if there are no moves to be undone


Q: I skipped over the tutorial and I don't know how to play!
A: The tutorial can be accessed from the menu as well, just go to MENU > WATCH THE TUTORIAL. Each tutorial page auto-plays through certain details, if you missed some, you can revisit by sliding back and forth the tutorial pages

Q: If I stop playing the game, will my progress be lost?
A: No, if you stop playing, the progress will be stored locally on your device. It will be retrieved next time you play. If however you erase the app, your progress will be lost

Q: How many times can I use the UNDO feature?
A: The feature can be used for unlimited occasions, but it will revert only your last step. Then you need to make a new move, which can also be reverted and so on

Q: If I erase then reinstall the app, will i get back the UNDO feature?
A: Yes. The UNDO feature is permanent, just go to the MENU > RESTORE PURCHASES and click on RESTORE

Q: How many times can I use the NEXT feature?
A: At first you receive 15 credits but you can buy more. You can check how many credits you have left by looking at the top of the page at MENU > BUY 15 NEXT SHAPE

Q: If I erase then reinstall the app, will i get back the NEXT credits?
A: NO. The credits are a consumable feature, meaning that you need to spend them before erasing the app


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